Series 02, episode 06
Episode details
Date aired 17 December 2004
Previous episode The Man Show
Next episode Mugging

Wedding is the sixth episode of series 2 of Peep Show. It is also the name of a Series 4 episode.


Nancy asks Jeremy if he will marry her for visa reasons. Jeremy brushes this off and pretends as though they are getting married for real, and has her move in. Mark doesn't particularly like Nancy so he talks to Super Hans at the pub, who is also against the marriage because he's afraid she will break up their band. They team up to try and break up Jez and Nancy. Super Hans agrees to tell Jeremy that he had sex with Nancy.

Meanwhile, Jeremy is working for Toni at a call center. She asks Jeremy if he is having sex with Nancy again (she is still abstinent for religious reasons).

Sophie and Mark hang out as friends, and Sophie tries to set Mark up with a friend of hers, Karen. Despite the fact that he likes Sophie, and not Karen, he is still nervous around Karen and winks at her, later pretending the wink is a twitch.

Later, on Jeremy's stag night, they invite a Buddhist named Sam who doesn't normally drink. Sam ends up cutting himself on a broken shot glass, so while everyone is at the hospital, Super Hans tells Jeremy that Nancy gave him oral sex while he was pooping. Jeremy starts crying, and Mark and Super Hans feel so bad that they tell him it was a joke.

At the wedding, Nancy leaves early because she has an interview for a health club job. Jeremy ends up having his wedding dance alone. At the reception, Mark accidentally sets up the newly-single Sophie with Sam after he asks Karen on a date.

At work with Toni, Jeremy tells her about some little issues he's been having with Nancy, such as his distaste for her favorite actor, Robin Williams. This leads to Toni seducing Jeremy. Later when Nancy is about to have sex with Jeremy for the first time since their marriage, Toni texts Jeremy saying that if he doesn't come over to have sex with her (her husband has just left her), she will tell Nancy about the affair. He tries to break it off, but she has him blackmailed.

He ends up telling Nancy about the affair. She says she will stay married to him, but they will just live as roommates, because she wants to see other people.

Karen, Mark, Sam and Sophie end up back at Sophie's house. Jeff shows up to pick up some of his stuff, and winds up crying in their bedroom on one of Sophie's dresses.