The Test
Series 06, episode 02
Episode details
Date aired 25 September 2009
Previous episode Jeremy at JLB
Next episode Jeremy in Love

The Test is the second episode of Series 6 of Peep Show.


Jeremy and Mark take the paternity test to see which one of them is the father of Sophie's unborn child. Sophie also tells them that she slept with Jeff around the same time, and he could also be the father.

Jeremy gets weed from his crush Elena, a Russian emigre who lives in the building and is selling marijuana briefly because her friend left her with too much of it. When he is there, he finds out that she has a fetish for dads, or as she calls them, "DILFs". When he invites her over to the flat, he tells her that he is about to have a kid with a platonic friend, assuming that Sophie's baby is his. When Jeremy gets a call from Sophie informing him that the baby is, in fact, Mark's, he just tells Elena that the call was just to tell him that everything was OK with the baby.

Mark goes on a date with Dobby and invites her to his flat, even though he knows she is also dating Gerard casually. They have a great time until Sophie arrives, angry that Mark never called her back about the baby--this is the first he is hearing about the baby, since Jeremy never told him about the phone call. Elena realizes that the baby is not Jeremy's, and is annoyed with him for lying to her. Jeremy is honest with her about why he lied, which causes her to feel touched, and kisses him.

Dobby, on the other hand, is less than impressed when Mark is unable to have sex with her due to his fear about the baby. When she discovers that he is having a child with Sophie, she leaves, joking ruefully that he was only having sex with her to try and impregnate her, too.