The Man Show
Series 02, episode 05
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Episode details
Date aired 10 December 2004
Previous episode University Challenge
Next episode Wedding

The Man Show is the fifth episode of Peep Show series 2.


Sophie tells Mark that Jeff, who has become her boyfriend, is moving in with her and doesn't want her to speak to Mark anymore. Mark figures that he can remedy this by befriending Jeff. He researches typical "manly" subjects but still feels uncomfortable talking to a guy like Jeff, so he brings Jeremy along, knowing that Jeremy is "more of a fun kind of guy".

Jeremy winds up charming Jeff quite a bit, taking Mark's place as Jeff's new friend. Mark rethinks his approach and comes up with a second idea for hanging out with Sophie: doing a charity bungee jump, which Mark then chickens out of.

Mark decides to tell Jeff that he's gay, hoping that Jeff won't mind him seeing Sophie if he thinks he's gay. Jeff tells him that he never had a problem with Mark seeing Sophie, gay or straight, because he knows Mark poses no threat. Mark realizes that Sophie was the one who didn't want to see him, and that it wasn't Jeff's decision.

Mark ends up going to Sophie's house anyway, to watch a film with her, while Jeremy and Jeff go partying. She is visibly annoyed that Mark has invited himself round, but agrees to hang out with him anyway. While Jeremy is out with Jeff, he sees Jeff cheat on Sophie. Later, he makes the mistake of telling Mark about it "for a laugh". Mark, of course, tells Sophie the next day at work.

Sophie comes to Mark's place that night, crying. Jeff realises Jeremy told Mark about his cheating, and so he then arrives to confront Jeremy and speak to Sophie. Mark tries to "broom" Jeff by sticking a broom out the mail slot to ward him off. Sophie tells Mark to let Jeff in, which he does. Jeff takes Sophie home and ends his friendship with Jeremy.