The Affair
Series 06, episode 04
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Episode details
Date aired 9 October 2009
Previous episode Jeremy in Love
Next episode The Party

The Affair is the fourth episode of Series 6 of Peep Show.


Mark overhears Elena on the phone with someone who she refers to as her "long distance partner". This means that her relationship with Jeremy is an affair, which Jeremy is unaware of. Mark tells Elena that she must tell Jeremy, because he won't.

Mark also goes to see Johnson, whose relationship with Big Suze is crumbling. Johnson is creating a startup which is clearly destined to fail, but Mark joins him anyway.

It turns out that Elena's partner, Gail is a woman, and that she is a lesbian. Jeremy no longer cares that he is sharing her, because it's "hot". He enjoys sneaking into her room and hiding from Gail.

Gail owns a Mexican restaurant and offers to hire Mark so that he can make extra money. While working there, he runs into Johnson, who no longer wants him on the startup.