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People like Coldplay and voted for the Nazis, you can’t trust people, Jez.

—"Super Hans"

Simon 'Super' Hans is a character and the deuteragonist in the English sitcom Peep Show. He is portrayed by Matt King.


Super Hans is an unreliable, yet maniacally loyal individual who likes to think of himself as being superior to the status quo. He is generally a scheming shyster and fantasist, and signals his bent take on life with his post-punk attire and eyeliner. He is a heavy drinker, regularly uses recreational drugs, and encourages everyone around him to follow suit. He experiences a crack cocaine addiction in the second series, later referenced again in the final episode of the third series and in the seventh series. Eventually he does somewhat clean up, especially right before his wedding, as he foolishly decides to hold his stag-do at a juice bar. Naturally, he relapses.

His contentious opinions often contradict Jeremy's own ideas (Sectioning) and like the characters of Pej, Chemical Kev, and The Orgazoid, seems to lead a chaotic, unpredictable life. He works in a recording studio in the first series. At the end of series 5 he joins a religious cult loosely based on Scientology. During the finale of series 6 we discover that he is father to seven-year-old unnamed twins. (Das Boot) The existence of the twins was dubious until they make an appearance at Hans' wedding (Gregory's Beard).

Despite his wild drugs and sex life, he apparently does have a limit (New Year's Eve).

Character History

Super Hans speaks in a funny, drug-addled and occasionally insightful, stream-of-consciousness. His accent is charmingly "East-End." His responses to most things are usually very quickly provided and he possesses a huge volume of pop-culture knowledge. He ostensibly had a rough childhood which included being locked up by his father to "monitor the home brew." His father has since died, but his fear of enclosed spaces is still real. His propensity for violence (kicking down Mark's bathroom door (Shrooming) and smashing Mark's TV with a lamp (Mark's Women) could indicate that he may have seen a lot of abuse as a child. Hans mentions to a visitor to Mark's flat that he has a sister, but she is not ever seen nor identified (Big Mad Andy).

Super Hans is Jeremy's band-mate and friend, albeit a bad one in both respects. He generally has a harsh tough-love attitude with Jeremy but will sell him out at the drop of a hat, like edging him out of band projects (Jeremy's Manager) and snogging his former wife (Wedding). Super Hans finds Mark quite peculiar and usually refers to him with obscure nicknames such as, "Professor Yaffle", "The Abdominiser" and "Captain Haddock." He does however see Mark as the more responsible of the two friends and subsequently asks Mark to be the best man at his wedding, due to the fact his one-time wife Molly's dislike of Jeremy.

He is also notorious for having floated around a ridiculous amount of band names with Jeremy and it is debatable whether or not he has had more band names than actual rehearsal sittings. Among these band names are The Hair Blair Bunch, Man Feelings, 13 Bastards, and Grandma's Boner.


Super Hans has had various different jobs, including but not limited to: recording studio receptionist, rig worker, removal man (or man with van), and bathrooms fixtures salesman. His final scene shows Hans split from his wife Molly, as is leaving London to set up a moped rental service in Macedonia.


At his wedding to Molly, in the episode "Gregory's Beard," it is revealed that his first name is Simon. In the episode "Kid Farm", his name appears as "Mr. S. Hans," on a cheque he gives to Jez.


  • The number on Super Hans' apartment door in series 1 is 167.
  • Producers were initially seeking Russell Brand for the role of Super Hans before Matt King was cast.
  • Hans was inspired by the character Danny from the film Withnail and I.