Sophie Hortensia Chapman is a fictional character in the television series Peep Show. She is portrayed by Olivia Colman.

Sophie is a relatively scruffy and unstable co-worker at JLB, and serves as a love interest for Mark (and occasionally Jeremy) throughout much of the series. She and Mark eventually marry but divorce shortly afterwards, and she later gives birth to his child.

Characterisation Edit

Sophie is a co-worker and love interest for both Mark and Jeff throughout the series. She is from a rural background with a supportive if dysfunctional, family. Her mother is having an affair with a neighbouring farmer. Her father seems depressed with his situation but still manages to give Mark a few pieces of good advice which he ignores. She also has a brother who still lives at home and is socially awkward. She initially likes Mark but worries he is too uptight and serious. She ends up dating Jeff throughout Series 2 but eventually marries Mark. She spends her wedding day in tears after he almost stands her up at the altar. They immediately separate.

Sophie is ambitious and wants to work her way up the corporate ladder but she starts drinking heavily, taking drugs and coming into work late. Her behaviour puts her job in jeopardy. Mark is supposed to fire her but doesn't when he finds out that she is pregnant. She reveals that the father of her baby could be Mark, Jeremy or Jeff. Much to Mark's disappointment, a paternity test reveals that he is the father.

In series 7 she gives birth to a boy and Mark acts as a birthing partner, although he tries to avoid the whole thing. Sophie names the baby Ian after her father when Mark misses the Christening.

Sophie is not seen in series 8 however it is explained by Jeff that they have rekindled their relationship. Jeff appears at Mark's flat to pick up the baby to take him back to Sophie's.


Sophie has a different hairstyle or colour in almost every series, but the hairstyles are never particularly outrageous. In Series 1, Sophie is shown having shoulder-length, curly highlighted hair. In Series 2, Sophie has straightened, dark brown hair. In Series 3, Sophie has curly hair again, but it is still dark brown, and she now has a fringe. In Series 4, Sophie has dark curly hair without the straight-across bangs. In Series 5, Sophie's hair is very dark, longer, and wavy, without a fringe. In Series 6 and Series 7, Sophie has light brown hair cut very short.


The show creators have said that they had originally considered giving Sophie her own POV camera and interior monologue.