Series 03, episode 03
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Date aired 15 November 2005
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Shrooming is the third episode of series 3 of Peep Show.


Mark comes down with a horrible stomach flu on the same day that Jeremy plans on throwing a shrooms party at the flat, which his crush and ex-girlfriend Big Suze plans on attending. However, he needs to somehow remove Mark from the flat and get the bathroom door fixed after Super Hans broke it down.

Jeremy hires a carpenter to fix the door, but Mark fears that the carpenter is taking advantage of their hospitality, as he is calling his therapist and going to see his ex-wife even though they are paying him by the hour.

When Mark is invited to a conference in Frankfurt, he is reluctant to go because he's sick, but Jeremy forces him to go so that he won't be around for the party. Mark's plane is delayed for 7 AM the next morning, so he stays home. When Jeremy tells him there is going to be a shrooming party, Mark is opposed to the idea.

Meanwhile, when Jeremy "commands" the carpenter to fix the door instead of doing other things, the carpenter breaks down the door again and leaves. To get Mark out of the way, Jeremy poisons him with cold medicine so he falls asleep.

Mark ends up waking up in the middle of the shrooming party, where Jeremy is close to making his move with Big Suze. Mark needs to poo, but Jeremy has locked him in his room so he can't get to the bathroom. Mark is close to pooping out the window, but eventually calls Johnson, who rescues him. However, when Johnson discovers how sick Mark is, he tells him he is no longer allowed to go to Frankfurt. In the end, Johnson, Jeremy and Big Suze all end up in the empty bathroom doorway disgusted as they watch Mark poo.