Series 6 is the sixth series of Peep Show. It focuses mostly on Mark and Sophie preparing for the birth of their baby, and Jeremy's illicit relationship with Elena.


  • Jeremy at JLB- The London branch of JLB closes down, inspiring Mark to write a satirical play for the purpose of impressing Dobby. Jeremy loses his job at JLB, which he only had for one day.
  • The Test- Mark and Jeremy take a paternity test to discover that Mark is the father of Sophie's unborn baby. However Jeremy pretends he is the father to impress his new crush Elena, who has a fetish for cute dads.
  • Jeremy in Love- Jeremy feels he is in love with Elena, who for some reason refuses to tell him he loves her. Mark is influenced by Dobby to get a job as a historical walking tour guide, before Jeremy accidentally gets him fired.
  • The Affair- Jeremy realizes Elena is already in a long-term lesbian relationship but enjoys the affair because he thinks lesbians are hot. Mark gets a job at a Mexican restaurant.
  • The Party- Mark throws a party in hopes that it will be his chance to get together with Dobby, but the sickly Gerard thwarts his plans. Jeremy tries to play it cool with Elena, but his convincing her to break up with Gail goes out the window when Gail proposes to her.
  • Das Boot- Mark doesn't attend his driving lessons that Sophie buys for him. Jeremy accidentally tries to kill Gail several times and winds up spilling the news of the affair to everyone. Sophie begins to go into labor, but nobody can drive her to the hospital and she must drive herself.


Sophie is a prominent character in Series 6, but she is shown in a more neutral way, compared to the favorable way she is shown in Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3, and contrasting with the negative way she is portrayed in Series 4 and Series 5. She is shown to have a cordial, friendly relationship with Mark devoid of sexual chemistry.

Series 6 marks the first appearances of Elena and Gail. Elena never appears after Series 6, but Gail appears once in the episode A Beautiful Mind in Series 7.

Super Hans is relatively absent in this season. He is most present in the episode The Party.


Jeremy and Elena have a relationship throughout most of Series 6, but it ends in the last episode. Mark has no solid relationships in Series 6, although he is shown to be casually dating Dobby.