Series 3 is the third series of Peep Show. It focuses mostly on the long-distance relationship between Mark and Sophie, culminating in their engagement in the episode Quantocking, the series finale. Jeremy's side of the story is mostly about him trying to win back his ex-girlfriend Big Suze.



Sophie is a prominent character in Series 3, but isn't shown very often due to her relocation to Bristol. Super Hans becomes extremely prevalent in this series, showing up in three of the six episodes.

Big Suze makes her first official appearance in Series 3.


Mark and Sophie begin their official relationship in Series 3, presumably somewhere between the episode Mugging and Sectioning.


In the episode, Sectioning, Super Hans tries to name the pub he is about to co-own "Free the Pedos". He agrees to compromise on the name with Jeremy, but only if they call it "The Swan and Pedo".

In the episode Sectioning, it is revealed that in college, Mark had a brief sexual encounter with a woman who he called "Carol Banana Face". She is mentioned again in the deleted scenes of Quantocking.

In the episode Sectioning, Sophie is reading the book, "A Child Called It".

When Mark is in the movie theater and recognizes his muggers, in the episode Mugging, the song playing is Salt N' Pepa's "Push It".

Series 3 is the first series in which Sophie has bangs.