Series 03, episode 02
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Date aired 18 November 2005
Previous episode Mugging
Next episode Shrooming

Sectioning is the second episode of series 3 of Peep Show.


Mark and Sophie are an official couple, but Mark is horrified when he finds out Sophie must relocate to Bristol for a promotion. They agree to stay together, but Mark is wondering if Sophie is possibly cheating on him in Bristol.

Jeremy and Super Hans are thrilled when Jeremy and Mark's Canadian friend, Merry, lets them manage the pub she owns after her mother dies. She invites them to a party at her house, which turns out to just include Jeremy, Mark and herself. At the party it becomes increasingly clear that Merry is having mental issues and needs to be committed, especially after she tries to sleep with Mark, and offers Jeremy the opportunity to own the pub permanently. They don't have the contact information of any of her relatives, so they call a mental hospital to take her away. Shortly after, Jeremy calls a mental hospital to try and get Super Hans sectioned, to avoid the arguments they are getting into over the name and running of the pub.

They visit Merry at the mental hospital, and Super Hans mentions that they need some proof of ownership of the pub. Merry hands Mark the deeds to the pub, which Mark doesn't know Jeremy and Super Hans need. When he finally figures out why they want the deeds, he tells them he won't give them the deeds since Merry isn't mentally stable and probably wouldn't have given up the pub under different circumstances. They all threaten to have each other sectioned until they are asked to leave the hospital.

Mark confronts Sophie at the train station since she hasn't been returning his calls. He finds out that Merry had called Sophie, claiming to be Mark's other girlfriend. Sophie tells Mark about this, but when she realizes that Merry is just a mentally unstable person, and that nothing happened between her and Mark, she looks nervous and implies that something might have happened between her and a man in Bristol, but "not really".