Seasonal Beatings
Series 07, episode 05
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Episode details
Date aired 24 December 2010
Previous episode Nether Zone
Next episode New Year's Eve

Seasonal Beatings is the fifth episode of Series 7 of Peep Show.


For the first time Mark will be hosting his family Christmas at the flat. He mentions his parents negatively, specifically he mentions he is afraid of his judgmental and passive-aggressive father. He is fine with Jeremy being at the celebration, but is annoyed when Super Hans shows up, and when Dobby guilt trips him into inviting her, since she has nowhere else to go for Christmas.

Jeremy is also annoyed at Mark for getting him cheap Christmas gifts (such as a pair of kitchen tongs, which Mark later re-gifts to Dobby, claiming that he got her gold jewelry which did not arrive in time due to delivery delays). Jeremy is also excited about Christmas and upset that his mother Jackie is with her boyfriend Martin on holiday, not celebrating Christmas at all.

Jeremy doesn't cook the turkey all the way through, refuses to cut crosses into the bottoms of the brussel sprouts, and doesn't have enough potatoes for everyone. Mark is tense about his family's arrival, and takes out his anger on Jeremy.

When Dobby arrives, Mark tells her he wants her to pretend to be a platonic friend so that his parents don't judge him or start problems. Mark describes telling his parents of his relationship with Dobby as, “serving them another shit sandwich,” which offends her, but she agrees to not mention it. When Mark's parents and sister Sarah arrives, Sarah tries to hit on Jeremy, given their history of sleeping together, but Jeremy resists her, because he is more interested in Christmas than he is in sex, describing himself as a ”Christmasist”. Mark's father finds many ways to call Mark gay, and gets him his old shredder for a Christmas present. Mark's mother drinks too much and begins flirting with Super Hans, and gets Mark a pair of socks with sexually explicit images on them causing him to feel uncomfortable.

Dobby begins describing her "horrible boyfriend" to Mark's parents, and when Mark gets annoyed, it becomes clear that he is the boyfriend. He tells his parents that he is happy to be with Dobby and that they shouldn't judge him for it. When Dobby corrects Mark's father about cauliflower being traditional or non-traditional, he asks Mark to shut her up. Dumbfounded, Mark does nothing, which leads Dobby to leave.

Angry with his father, Mark starts putting ham into the shredder calmly, infuriating him even more. When his dad leaves in a rage, Mark declares the day "Christmark" and instructs everyone to do whatever they want and have fun.

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