Sarah Corrigan is a reoccurring character in the television series Peep Show. She is the sister of Mark Corrigan and is portrayed by Eliza Bennett.

Sarah is a solicitor who has assisted Mark in his divorce settlement. Throughout the series, she also engages in recurring romantic escapades with Jeremy, often contrary to his intentions.


She is married to a man named Simon (who we never see), until the episode Sistering where she arrives to see Mark to tell him that she and Simon are breaking up. She briefly dates Jeremy for the rest of that episode, but eventually leaves to be with Simon again, and comes back when she realizes Simon is seeing someone else.

Character HistoryEdit

She is seen again in the episode The Party, where she is angry at Jeremy since he evidently never called her back.

However,Jeremy flirts with her to make his current flame, Elena, jealous, which results in Sarah breaking down and wanting to have sex with him at the end of the party, after he has already had sex with Elena, who gets engaged to her lesbian life partner earlier in the evening. A depressed Jeremy finds her waiting in bed for him and reluctantly agrees to have sex with her.

The next time we see Sarah is in the episode Seasonal Beatings where she arrives at Mark's flat for Christmas and tries to sleep with Jeremy, but is turned down. During Christmas dinner she puts her foot in Jeremy's crotch who doesn't want to have sex with her but gets a hard on anyway.

Although Jeremy tries to avoid her, he eventually moves in with her in Series 8, when he agrees to move out of Mark's flat but realises that he has nowhere to go.