Series 03, episode 06
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Date aired 16 December 2005
Previous episode Jurying
Next episode Sophie's Parents

Quantocking is the sixth and final episode of series 3 of Peep Show


Mark has decided he wants to propose to Sophie, and has already bought a ring. He has saved up enough coupons to take her away for a four-star vacation in the Quantocks. He agrees to let Jeremy come with him, since he has enough for two rooms, but he tells Jeremy he cannot bring any friends.

Meanwhile, Jeremy invites Super Hans to come with him, even though Super Hans is going cold turkey from all his drugs, even cigarettes and alcohol. Not thinking about the consequences of keeping a crack and heroin-addicted person going through withdrawal in his hotel room, Jeremy tells Super Hans he can share a room with him. Meanwhile, Big Suze winds up coming to the Quantocks, which Jeremy is annoyed about, since he wants to take her back to his room but he can't because Super Hans is there, throwing up.

Mark and Sophie take walks around the streets on vacation, having a miserable time. Sophie and Mark are both rigid about what restaurants they want to go to, which results in Sophie throwing Mark's guide book in a post office box, which bothers him. They go to a restaurant finally, where they have nothing to say to each other. Sophie ends up socializing with an elderly couple who invite her to go on a walk with them. She tells Mark she will meet him at the hotel, but eventually calls him because she is lost, and has no idea where she is.

Mark and Jeremy set out to find Sophie. By the time it gets dark, she has already found the hotel, and Mark and Jeremy are now lost. Mark refuses to call for help because it's too embarrassing, and in the end, they split ways. Jeremy safely finds the hotel but Mark arrives, soaking wet and having slept outside for the night. Mark has decided, with Jeremy's help, that he no longer wants to propose to Sophie, but while he was gone, Sophie accidentally found the engagement ring and tells Mark her answer is yes. Out of embarrassment, Mark agrees to marry Sophie.