On the Pull
Series 1, episode 03
Peep Show On the Pull
Episode details
Date aired 3 October 2003
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On the Pull is the third episode of Peep Show's first series which broadcast for the first time on 3 October 2003.

Summary Edit

On his Friday night grocery shopping run, Mark tells Jeremy that he asked Sophie on a date, but she said no. Jeremy encourages him to go with him to a party, so he can meet a new girl.

When Mark arrives at the party (with his groceries) he meets Valerie, a teenage goth with a feisty attitude. At first he feels bizarre about her age, but the drunker he gets, the more comfortable he is with her. Jeremy attempts to dance with a girl, but then her "friend" comes along--a man--and steals her from Jeremy. Jeremy, Mark and Valerie all go to the bowling alley, where Jeremy invites Toni to come along.

At the bowling alley, they all discuss weird sex they've had, when Toni says, "I once had a steward eat me at the airport. Wow, that was depressing." Valerie jokingly says that she believes true love waits for sex, and Mark pretends to agree with her. When Mark realizes she's joking, he says he was joking too.

Everyone gets high in the bathroom (It is implied that it's Mark's first time smoking pot). Mark ends up going crazy when he sees that Sophie is on a date with Jeff at the bowling alley. He begins to throw his groceries like bowling balls. Jeff agrees to pay for the damage, which humiliates Mark. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Toni make out. Both couples go home to have sex.

Jeremy is weirded out when he finds out that Toni's husband, Tony, who she is separating from, is home and can see and hear them have sex. Jeremy realizes that that is the main reason Toni brought him home. Meanwhile, Mark gets freaked out when Valerie begins choking him during sex, claiming that her ex loved it.