New Year's Eve
Series 07, episode 06
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Date aired 29 December 2010
Previous episode Seasonal Beatings
Next episode Jeremy Therapised

New Year's Eve is the sixth and final episode of Series 7 of Peep Show.


Jeremy gets a visit from Zahra, who tells him that she and Ben broke up, which means he is no longer paying her rent, and she needs a roommate. She suggests they begin to live together, and Jeremy says yes.

Mark and Jeremy get invited to a New Year's Party at Johnson's house. It is revealed that Johnson and Big Suze have broken up bitterly and that Johnson is in an aggravated mental state. When Mark is there, he sees Jeff and Johnson, who tease him about dating Dobby. He reluctantly joins in, saying he's had his "dick in the Dob". Dobby overhears and storms out. Mark stops her at the door and tells her he was only making fun of her to avoid confrontation. As he is apologizing to her, he notices his son Ian James on the floor in the next room. Confused about how he got there, he becomes distracted, which angers Dobby, who leaves.

Mark runs into Sophie, who clearly attended the party with Jeff, shown holding Mark's son. She tells Mark that Ian James was perfectly safe and comfortable on the floor of the room.

Mark and Jeremy leave to go to another party which proves to be too disturbing even for Super Hans, who has picked up a Japanese woman who seemingly speaks no English, but who he says he is in love with. The four of them go to a party at Big Suze's house. Big Suze is annoyed that they showed up without an invitation, and promptly puts them to work cleaning and putting out food. She even exiles Super Hans to the garden.

At Big Suze's party, Mark hears a few guys talking about Dobby, and he figures she was at the party shortly before he arrived. He asks them where she went and discovers she went to a role-playing party that Gerard is hosting. Meanwhile, Jeremy makes suggestive hand motions to the woman who Super Hans says he is in love with, and he believes they are reciprocated.

Mark goes to Gerard's party, where the guard is happy to let him in, but Gerard tells him not to let anyone in. Eventually Mark finds a way in and speaks to Dobby, frantically asking her to move in with him as a last and final attempt to get her to stay with him. She says yes, but Mark realizes things might change when he sees that Zahra has found out about Jeremy's interactions with the Japenese woman, as has Super Hans, who kicks him violently.