Series 03, episode 01
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Date aired 11 November 2005
Previous episode Wedding
Next episode Sectioning

Mugging is the first episode of series 3 of Peep Show.

Summary of Mugged Edit

Jeremy is feeling dissatisfied with his seemingly dominating girlfriend, Michelle. When he tries to break up with her, partially because Big Suze, his ex-girlfriend he's still in love with, is coming back to London, Michelle offers him the chance to act out his dirtiest fantasy, in exchange for her dirtiest fantasy. Jeremy asks for a threesome and Michelle tells him "That's vanilla" and is excited to try it out.

Meanwhile, Mark gets mugged by some teenagers in an underpass. They have no weapons, but he's scared and ends up giving them all his stuff.

Mark finally has Sophie over and is excited to have sex with her, but is still too traumatized from the mugging that he can't get an erection. He ends up changing the subject, which greatly bothers Sophie.

Big Suze arrives to see Jeremy but it turns out she is with her new boyfriend, Stu, a former monk.

Mark buys a knife to defend himself with. He takes it with him everywhere. Sophie sees him at work and tries to flirt with him, but [[Mark] ends up acting uptight, and pushes Sophie away so she won't know about his erection problem. She still agrees to go to the movies with him, though.

Jeremy shows up at Michelle's house for the threesome, which he was trying to keep secret from Big Suze. Big Suze has moved in with Michelle as her roommate. In addition, Michelle has gotten her brisk and unattractive friend, Vicky, to partake in the threesome. It is implied that the threesome was miserable for everyone involved.

Mark ends up meeting a couple of thugs at a diner, asking for them to get his phone back. They tell him to give them money in exchange for his phone. He does it, and they tell him they will call him back.

Mark and Sophie go to the movie theater, and they end up sitting behind the muggers. When the muggers rustle their popcorn, Mark whacks them, which impresses Sophie. He is suddenly able to get an erection again. He and Sophie are kicked out of the theater, but she is very impressed with him and leans in to get frisky. She feels the knife in his pocket and is visibly freaked out.

Jeremy goes to church with Big Suze and Stu and winds up punching Stu. Stu punches him back and he ends up at Michelle's house with her taking care of him. She tells him that it is time for her fantasy, which is to penetrate him with a strap-on.