Series 03, episode 05
Picture 3
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Date aired 9 December 2005
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Jurying is the fifth episode of series 3 of Peep Show.


Jeremy gets called for jury duty. Presuming the case to be that of a young black guy who is wrongly accused of theft, Jeremy plans to acquit regardless. However, when he gets there, the defendant, Carla, is a rough-looking (but attractive) white woman who is accused of credit card fraud.

Meanwhile, Mark and Sophie are still together, and Johnson tells Mark that Sophie has been pulling sick days constantly and needs to improve her performance--and that it's Mark's job to tell her this. Mark hesitates, especially when Sophie says she is going to take another sick day to come visit him.

Jeremy ends up running into Carla, and they begin to talk. She knows he is on the jury, and to be nice, he tells her that they all believe she's innocent. They begin talking, and he gets her number. Mark is obviously angry about this, and Jeremy invites Carla to come out with him, on a double date with Mark and Sophie, which also angers Mark.

When Sophie arrives, she has brought her gay friend who wants her and Mark to come to a gay club and take ecstasy. Mark doesn't want to, but agrees to anyway, to please Sophie. At the club, Mark feels uncomfortable with everything, including a friend of Sophie's, Ollie, who Mark refers to as "literally a moron". Mark pretends to take ecstasy and get high, meanwhile Sophie is actually high.

When everyone gets home, Jeremy realizes that Carla is actually innocent of the crime she is accused of, but does commit credit card fraud on a regular basis. In addition, he is bothered by how rough and lacking in "humanity" their sex is. He is also scared of her, after Carla tells him about taking a woman's eye out in a bar fight.

Sophie wakes up hung over and sick. Mark kicks her druggie friends out of the flat, and tells her that she needs to improve her performance, even though his original intention was to tell her he loved her for the first time. Sophie is angry with him and leaves.

Meanwhile, Jeremy goes to court for the final verdict, where he convinces the other jurors that Carla is guilty, even though she is innocent, partially because he is scared of breaking up with her, and partially because he knows she is guilty of other crimes. They all agree and she is sentenced to prison time.