Jeremy at JLB
Series 06, episode 01
Episode details
Date aired 18 September 2009
Previous episode Mark's Women
Next episode The Test

Jeremy at JLB is the first episode of Series 6 of Peep Show.


Jeremy gets a low-level job at JLB thanks to Mark. It is also revealed that Jeremy has a crush on their new neighbor, Elena, a Russian emigre.

On his first day on the job, a fire alarm causes everyone to run outside. The fire alarm, however, is only a hoax that Johnson created, in order to get everyone out of the office and to tell them all that the London branch of JLB is shutting down, and they are all unemployed.

Jeremy is already more popular with the other employees in one day than Mark was in several years, which angers Mark. They end up going to a bar to see the other employees. There, they see Sophie with two glasses of wine. They still don't know whose baby she is pregnant with (it could be either of theirs) so they are both concerned. They tell Sophie not to have two glasses, and it is revealed she was ordering just one glass for herself, and the other for her friend Lisa.

Mark needs to make payments for a new luxurious sofa they got called the "creamy elephant", a name Mark abhors. In order to make these payments, Mark schedules a rally at a bar where he will put on a satirical play criticizing the German branch of JLB for shutting down the London branch (Dobby tells him that the German branch shut down the London branch to "save the mothership"). In particular, Mark writes the play targeting JLB's German head, Stefan Strauss, and uses nazi parallels to drive the point home. He is hoping that the play will impress Dobby.

Backstage after the play, Stefan Strauss arrives and offers Mark 15,000 pounds if he would stop the rally. Mark agrees, which angers all the employees, especially Dobby. Hoping to keep Dobby interested in him, he breaks into JLB at night and trashes the office with Dobby, Jeremy, and some other employees. Johnson and Stefan Strauss catch him in the act and take away the cheque.