Jeremy Makes It
Series 02, episode 02
Episode details
Date aired 19 November 2004
Previous episode Dance Class
Next episode Local Zero

Jeremy Makes It is the second episode of Season 2 of Peep Show.


Jeremy runs into an old schoolmate, Gog, who he used to pick on, at Toni's engagement party to her separated husband, Tony. He finds out that Gog is a music producer who is looking for new musicians to make music for a soundtrack. Jeremy is reluctant to rely on his old victim for anything, but takes the opportunity. Meanwhile, Super Hans is doing crack at the party.

Mark is forced to work late with Daryl, a new guy at the office, but within a few minutes they become friends. Daryl and Mark play around and they staple a sausage to an employee's door. When Jeremy hangs out with the two of them he begins to get jealous.

Jeremy has Daryl play in his band for the soundtrack because Gog loves Daryl's instrument, the cor anglais. Later, Mark and Daryl go to a WWII reenactment and play Nazis, where he discovers that Daryl is a neo-Nazi and a racist. He confides in Jeremy, who is excited to have a valid reason to get him to stop hanging out with Daryl. However, he still needs Daryl for his band.

Jeremy, Super Hans and Mark go to Gog's house. Mark is under the impression that they are there to reason with Gog, but it turns out they are there because he didn't like their music and they are trying to torture him into paying them for their music.

Eventually, Mark must stop being friends with Daryl, so he isolates Daryl in the recording room, with him on the other side of the glass, so he can reject him from a safe distance. Daryl is angry, especially when he comes back into work and is fired because he took the blame for the sausage prank, which turned out to be a hate crime against Germans.