Jeremy's Mummy
Series 05, episode 04
Episode details
Date aired 23 May 2008
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Jeremy's Mummy is the fourth episode of Series 5 of Peep Show.


Jeremy's great aunt dies and Jeremy realizes he might get an inheritance of 20,000 pounds, since his mother will get 40,000 and she promised him half. Jeremy is excited about this, even calling himself a "millionaire". When going through his aunt's belongings, he finds a gun and keeps it, calling it "Gunny", affectionately, but Mark warns him against keeping a gun in the flat. Jeremy suggests hiding it in the drawer, but Mark doesn't think it's safe enough.

Jeremy's mother, Jackie appears for the first time, to attend the funeral. She brings along her new boyfriend, Martin, an experienced military man, who Mark greatly admires. She tells Jeremy that after taxes, she will be getting a lot less money than she previously thought, so she won't be giving any money to him. Jeremy is furious and blames Martin for this decision.

Meanwhile, Martin really likes Mark, and asks him if he would be interested in writing his biography, full of military history. Mark is thrilled, and interviews Martin's daughter, Natalie after the funeral. He is convinced that Natalie is a lesbian, especially after she mentions "genuinely loving" a female teacher from her past. However, he wakes up in the middle of the night to find Natalie having sex with him.

Jeremy decides to frame Martin by putting the gun in his luggage, but Martin figures this out and is furious. He also discovers that the gun is deactivated anyway. To try and put the blame on someone else, Jeremy blurts out that "Natalie raped Mark". Mark tries to calm the situation, but he does admit having sex with Natalie, and tells her that it was a one-sided ordeal. Martin is furious with Mark as well, and no longer wants him writing the biography.