Jeremy's Manager
Series 05, episode 05
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Episode details
Date aired 30 May 2008
Previous episode Jeremy's Mummy
Next episode Mark's Women

Jeremy's Manager is the fifth episode of Series 5 of Peep Show.


Jeremy and Super Hans believe they have caught their big break when they get a manager, a sexy new manager named Cally. However, she wants them to play at a Christian rock festival, which they are both reluctant to do, but they agree to it.

When Cally comes over to the house, and sleeps with Jeremy, she stops him in the middle of their sex and tells him it just didn't work out for her. The next day she begins to hit on Mark in the kitchen. Mark, Jeremy, Super Hans and Cally all wind up going to the Christian rock festival together.

At the festival, Cally and Mark go on a date and wind up sleeping together after Cally tells Mark that she believes in the healing powers of crystal skulls, a fact that Mark is willing to put up with, but finds ridiculous. She begins giving him very precise instructions during sex, and tells him that at least it's better than Jeremy's sex, since she didn't have to stop him in the middle. Mark is perversely happy that Jeremy was stopped in the middle.

Mark admits to Cally that he thinks Super Hans is more marketable as a musician than Jeremy is. Cally decides to cut Jeremy from the band. She does, which makes Jeremy furious. He and Mark go to her trailer and trash it, which includes breaking her crystal skulls. Then, Jeremy hears from Cally, telling him that Super Hans has gone crazy and they want Jeremy back in the band, but first Jeremy must explain her trashed trailer. He tells her that Mark did it, furious over his best friend's removal from the band.

Jeremy also tells Cally that Mark draws rude pictures of her, wraps them up in sausage meat, and calls her a "sausage muncher". He also says this to Sophie in the episode Funeral in Series 1.

Jeremy ends up performing alone for an audience of one strange man. Cally dumps Mark by giving him the middle finger as she drives away from the festival.