Series 04, episode 05
Picture 11
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Date aired 11 May 2007
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Holiday is the fifth episode of Series 4 of Peep Show.


Jeremy realizes Mark's wedding is coming up, so he decides to throw him a stag weekend on a rented canal boat. Mark is eager to do this, especially after Sophie brings him to couple's therapy where she tells him she feels sexually unfulfilled and that she never reaches orgasm with him.

When they are on the stag weekend, Jeremy is disappointed that Mark won't do anything wild, and just prefers staying inside the boat and playing chess. Jeremy suggests he drink Mark's pee "for a laugh" but Mark refuses to let him. Mark eventually agrees to go to a bar with Jeremy, where they run into two sisters, Lucy and Aurora. Aurora is very attractive and Jeremy immediately develops feelings for her, but Lucy is rude, unattractive and brash, and quickly develops unrequited feelings for Mark. The boys find out that Aurora and Lucy are staying on their father's boat. They join them on the boat where they meet Aurora's dog Mummy, who recently had a litter of puppies. Jeremy and Aurora get along well, meanwhile Lucy tries to make the moves on a miserable Mark.

Nothing happens between the boys and the sisters, so the next day, Jeremy follows their boat down the canal. He gets lunch with Aurora, who brings Mummy. When Jeremy puts the car in reverse, while Aurora is temporarily away, he accidentally hits Mummy and kills her. He puts Mummy in his backpack and when Aurora panics, he suggests that Mummy ran away and joined a pack of wolves.

When Mark goes out to lunch with Lucy and her father, her father begins talking about a job opportunity for him in India. Mark realizes this could be his way out of his wedding, but he isn't interested in Lucy and he realizes she is the only reason he is being offered the job. He figures he could marry her if he convinces himself to like her.

Jeremy realizes he needs to dispose of Mummy's body. He and Mark try to burn the body, but a great deal of the limbs still remain. He takes the remains of her body and puts it in a trash bag. He winds up taking it onto the girls' canal boat later that night. When Aurora asks him what's in the bag, he says that he and Mark had a barbeque. She picks up Mummy's leg and is disgusted, asking him what kind of animal they cooked. Jeremy insists that they cooked turkey, and proceeds to take a bite out of the leg, telling her it was disgusting turkey, but it was turkey.

Then, Aurora finds Mummy's collar in the bag and believes that Jeremy purposefully killed Mummy so he and Mark could eat her.