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Gail is a British woman, who is Elena's long term girlfriend, a member of Mensa and a musician. She runs a Mexican restaurant, hiring Mark until she fires him in Series 7.

Jeremy has conflicted feelings towards Gail. After going boating and accidentally knocking her into the water he becomes convinced he subconciously wants to kill her, a notion which Mark dismisses as Jeremy promptly rescued Gail, who cannot swim. Unaware of Jeremy's feelings, Gail is extremely grateful and invites Jeremy to her and Elena's wedding.

In the episode The Party, Elena reveals to Jeremy that Gail writes her poetry although she does not do so as often since their relationship began. She toys with the idea of breaking up with Gail to Jeremy's delight but this is sidelined when Gail proposes to Elena, who delightedly accepts.

In the Season 6 Finale Das Boot, a drunken and depressed Jeremy also tries to visit Elena secretly before her wedding and nearly runs Gail over in his bid to escape, having wrenched control of the car from Mark who does not know how to drive. He confesses to Gail that he and Elena have been having an affair.

Actress: Emily Bruni Born: 1975