Peep Show life
Job Loan manager
Lives at London
Interests Military history, Racism, Nazis
Relationship Unknown
Peep Show appearances
Actor Steve Edge
First appearance Jeremy Makes It
Latest appearance Jeremy Makes It

Daryl is a fictional charater in the television series Peep Show, and he is portrayed by Steve Edge.

Introduced in the episode "Jeremy Makes It" as Mark's new co-worker at JLB credit; Initially, Mark and Daryl strike up a good friendship after a few pranks played during work (including nailing a sausage to the door of a German co-worker which Mark was unware of the significance) and talking about history.

Daryl drops a few racist words during the episode but Mark doesn't realise he's a racist until during a World War 2 re-enactment when he uses racial slurs, clearly outside the Nazi character he and Mark were playing. Daryl, mistakenly believing that Mark and him were on the same wavelength, spends time talking to Mark further about his views. Mark becomes uncomfortable and at Jez's advice decides to end the friendship during a team building meet Alan Johnson arranges.

Jeremy is comissioned to make a music track for his old school 'friend' Gog, Daryl took part, playing the Cor Anglais. They are asked to redo the track, and so Mark is forced to ask Daryl (whose Cor Anglais was preferred by Gog) back.

Mark then ends the friendship after confronting Daryl, though the recording studio window, because he refuses to change.

Daryl is fired at the end of the episode for the sausage prank which is treated as racial abuse, but when he passes Mark he tells him he won't tell that it was him who helped with the sausage and still thinks he's a great guy.