Dance Class
Series 02, episode 01
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Episode details
Date aired 24 October 2003
Previous episode Funeral
Next episode Jeremy Makes It

Dance Class is the first episode of Season 2 of Peep Show.


Sophie and Mark hang out at the office party to celebrate Johnson being their new boss. He tries to hack into her email by asking her personal questions in hopes that one of her answers will be her email password. When he finally figures it out (the abbreviation for "Sex and the City" except that Sophie thinks it's "Sex in the City"), he reads an email where she is discussing the pros and cons of Mark and Jeff, saying that Mark is too serious and uptight. As a result Mark agrees to go with her to her dance class, to prove that he can have fun.

Mark believes the class to be a salsa class, but it turns out to be a new-age dance class called "rainbow rhythms", a class that embodies everything Mark hates. Jeremy loves to class, calling himself "king of the hippie jungle" and dancing with the gorgeous American Nancy. Meanwhile Mark pushes a man aside who is trying to dance with him when he sees another man stealing Sophie for a dance. Later, when they all discuss the class in a circle, the man who Mark rejected and another man called Gwyn try to subtly remark on how Mark was a bad fit for the class. Mark confronts them and tells them that if it was really a "hippie free-for-all" they should be embracing people who stand for everything they hate (which Mark describes as "eating red meat and liking money").

Nancy and Jeremy begin having sex and casually dating, which has made Jeremy forget about Toni, who he earlier told he was in love with. Toni arrives at the next dance class, which makes things awkward for Jeremy. Later at the bar with Gwyn, Toni, Mark, Sophie, Nancy, and a few other people from dance class, Jeremy tries to make it seem as though he and Nancy are a serious couple. Nancy is obviously interested in Gwyn, making it clear that she and Jeremy have an open relationship.

Sophie, Mark, Jeremy and Nancy all end up going to Gwyn's summer house, where Nancy encourages everyone to "break taboos" which results in Jeremy and Mark being forced to kiss, both of them wanting to look easy-going and taboo-breaking, but hating the idea of kissing another man. When Gwyn starts an orgy, Sophie and Mark leave and have a romantic moment by the lake. Meanwhile, Jeremy watches Gwyn and Nancy have sex.

The next day at work, Mark reads Sophie's email which says she thinks she and Mark could "really have something". When she catches him doing it, she's furious and he calls after her, "We can't throw this all away just because I spy on you!"