Big Suze is a fictional character in the television series Peep Show. She is portrayed by Sophie Winkleman.

Suze is Jeremy's ex-girlfriend and frequent romantic interest. She is attractive but naïve, and described by Mark as a "mental posho".

Characterisation Edit

Suze lived with Jeremy in a shared flat (which Jeremy nostalgically refers to as the "love shack") for around a year and a half, prior to the start of the first series of the show. She was often mentioned but did not actually make an appearance until her introduction as a major supporting character in the third series. Suze is incredibly posh, though she appears to want to become more bohemian. She is an actress, but between roles works as a waitress in a café. Jeremy is desperate to get back together with Big Suze, and although they reunite briefly, she later leaves him for Alan Johnson.

Her nickname comes from her height rather than her weight. Her appearance in the third series was intended for Nancy, but Blanchard was unavailable. During series 6, her and Alan's relationship seems very unsettled, leading to their break-up in Series 7, and her throwing a separate New Year's Eve party, resulting in Alan relapsing and drinking alcohol.

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