A Beautiful Mind
Series 07, episode 03
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Episode details
Date aired 10 December 2010
Previous episode Man Jam
Next episode Nether Zone

A Beautiful Mind is the third episode of Series 7 of Peep Show.


Jeremy still tries to woo Zahra, despite the fact that her boyfriend is his boss. He watches an independent film with her and continues pretending to be intellectual to impress her. She asks him if he would host a book club meeting at his flat, which would mean he would have to read Wuthering Heights. He agrees, figuring it couldn't be harder to read than the last book he read, Mr. Nice.

Meanwhile Mark is nervous about his relationship with Dobby. He is worried that he can't satisfy her sexually, and when he offers to take her somewhere for her birthday, she tells him to save his money because he is poor and works in a Mexican restaurant. Mark's anxiety is multiplied by the fact that Dobby's recent ex, Simon, was a wealthy graphic designer.

A poor man comes to the door of the flat selling overpiced cleaning supplies. Wanting to look generous, Mark buys a fluffy duster, but regrets it when he realizes how expensive it is. He asks the man for his money back, but the man refuses and runs away. Dobby is impressed with Mark, but Mark is still concerned.

Mark buys a large dildo in hopes that he will be able to use it in bed with Dobby. He shows it to Jeremy, who finds the whole ordeal funny and tries to give Mark sex advice. When Simon's mom dies the next day, Dobby tells Mark that Simon will be "a very wealthy man" and goes over to Simon's house to console him.

Jeremy needs Mark's help reading Wuthering Heights, so Mark demands money for his reading the book and giving Jeremy the notes. Jeremy accepts reluctantly. However, when the book club arrives at the flat, Dobby makes a suggestive remark to Mark, implying that she wants to have sex with him back at her house. Mark was originally going to help Jeremy run the book club, but changes his mind to go home with Dobby. When Jeremy catches him leaving, he tries to get him to stay. Mark stays for a few more minutes.

Jeremy refers to the book as a "love story", only to get shot down by Ben who recites a review for the book that he read word-for-word. Mark finishes his sentence, calling him out, and turning the plot of the book around in order to have Jeremy's comment make sense. Confident and happy with himself, he decides not to use the dildo.